Free Commissions

For a limited time I am planning on doing Free Commissioned drawings.

How does it work? Let me tell you.

I will do drawings in my own style of characters you request. That can be video game, tv/movie characters, cartoon portraits, D&D characters, your cat, pretty much whatever. To request a commissioned drawing email me at with the following information.

  • Character name
  • Description of character. This needs to be more detailed for characters without reference photos
  • Reference photos please include these for all requests if available. I know D&D characters are unlikely to have them but if you have something that reflects what you think they look like please include it
  • Any specific details you would like to see
  • Whether or not you care if it is posted to this website

After you email me all the above information I will send you a confirmation email and what number you are on my list. I will also email you when I have started work on your drawing and try to keep you up to date.

When I have completed the drawing I will email you a copy in a high quality JPEG for you to print or use for what ever you chose. I may also post it to this website to show everyone the work I have done. I will not include your name or any of your information in the post except my thoughts on my work for you. You can request that I not post it to the website if it is something personal or another reason.

Why am I doing free commission drawings? Well, I don’t feel completely comfortable charging for these yet. I don’t want to go into the trouble of setting up an online store yet, or finding a quality print maker in town, yet. Also I read an article online that was about making money writing, and to establish yourself first is to do it for free. I think that is true for this as well. Working for free I have an obligation to you to create your work but I also have all the freedom to do things on my time, to both our standards, help hone my skills and not grading my own work with a small price tag.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me either here, email: or twitter: @Roamin_

Hope I can draw one of your favorite characters and here are some examples of characters I have done

4 thoughts on “Free Commissions

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