For as long as I can remember I have had a pencil in my hand doodling or drawing throughout my life. My Dad is a big part of that. He is a great sketch artist and painter, though he never pursued it professionally. I got discouraged from art at a young age (This may be a story for a post one day) and started drawing less and less but would still doodle in private. I became embarrassed of my skills because they had deteriorated from negligence.

So here now I bring you my Daily Doodle Challenge. I don’t know if this will grow into something more but it would be amazing if it did. Right now I am just using this to motivate myself and get my skills back up to and beyond what I was once capable of.

Part of why I chose a blog instead of a private challenge for myself is this public obligation, even if only one person is looking, knowing that someone might see me slip up helps keep me motivated. I would also love it if you made suggestions on what I should draw (example: funny dog, beach landscape, demkipede, something steampunk etc but nothing too specific) I will probably take inspiration from those when I have no ideas myself.

I am working through a few art instruction books and you will probably see a lot of stuff based off those instructions.

I am sorry some of the drawings will be bland and boring but I will do my best to jazz it up either in the art or in the post itself. As time goes on I will try to bring you more and more original art from my cranium, I have lots in there but need to build the skills to bring the ideas to you.

If you want to submit ideas, contact me about my work or just say hello you can contact me at:

Email – Roaming_thunder@yahoo.com

Twitter – @Roamin_


Cartoon me 2 outline

3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hey, thanks for leaving such an ace comment on my blog post! Made my day! Looking forward to seeing more updates from your stuff. Noticed you are doing free commissions. Thinking about what to suggest 🙂

    • No problem, your Hack Slash Loot art blew me away.

      Thanks for the interest, I appreciate it. I am hoping to bring bigger better, but less frequent, posts in the future.

      That’s great! I would love to do a commission for you.

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