More Character Work

I have been working on stuff but I don’t really want to post it all here. I will continue to give you little bits and teasers just to give you enough to keep looking and to reassure myself I am still posting on here. I have been working on Comic stuff again, I have a bit more direction but I still have a fair ways to go before I feel comfortable posting anything too related to that. I would like to kind of structure it into “seasons” and I would like to have a full season drawn and ready to post so it can pretty much just launch off by itself while I work on the next season.

Karl and I, a while ago, had been working on a story called Accounting for the Undead and I think that work could translate nicely into a few good comic arcs as well as a few I have thought up, and one off comics as well. I have mentioned to Demkius that he could co-write with me but it takes him a bit to get motivated so maybe if you post on here I can tell him there is an outcry for his writing potential.

First up I have new fully coloured versions of Roamin and Demkius.Roamin & Demkius

Second up I have a character aging. In one of my cartooning books they said to try to draw the same character as different ages. This is kind of that but it is also for a one off comic. Although I really like the first version of him so I may use him for something else.

IT Guy

And finally for you I have a panel from one of my finished comics, you can try and speculate what the rest of the comic is about.

Make it Rain

I am really happy with how this drawing came out. It may not look like a lot or still very amateur but give me a break, I am. But I really like how the water looks all over this picture, especially the sprinkler in the back ground. Also the motion of the hose.

Well that’s all for today readers. This post has been brought to by my Surface Pro 2, Microsoft I’m still looking for that sponsorship.



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