Character Concepts… and my Type Cover 2

Today I am typing this post on my new Type Cover 2 for my Surface Pro 2, they should pay me for how much I will be plugging this magic little machine. Hit me up Microsoft 😉

Anyway so I have been drawing on my Surface a fair bit and I am getting used to it more and more and loving it more and more. I didn’t notice how much I missed drawing directly onto something and having the pen stroke appear under my stylus instead of drawing on a tablet and having them appear on a screen. I am tweeking the tools in Manga studio back to the way that I had them on my laptop and all is going well.

Also you know what is just bloody awesome? Playing Halo 4 and drawing on my tablet while waiting for the next match to start. Just awesome. Or watching Supernatural and drawing at the same time. Okay so enough about me nerdgasming all over my Surface and on to what I have been doodling.

First up I have some sketches of Demkius and Roamin. The Roamin ones are kind of more of the same but I have re-imagined Demkius a bit.

character concepts

I thought my original Demkius had too little shape. He was just a big furry overtly cartoon ball. I think this new Demkius has more interesting shape in his face, head and beard. The Roamin on the left seem pretty par for the course, the one on the right I tried to take what I did with Demkius and apply it to Roamin. He has a little more shape to his face. A little less of a dramatic cheek bump and I like how I did his glasses. He still looks very similar to how I have been drawing him for a while but I think he has gone through quite a few changes through past drawings that I am fairly content with how he is.

I also did a colouring of the new Demkius mug shot here,

new demkius

I worked with a few different skin tones and hair colours and I think these might be the ones I stick with. Mid-post update, this Type Cover 2 is the bomb, it feels so natural to type on with the real keys and full keyboard with commands like copy, paste, all that jazz, ok back to the post. All and all I really like how this character concept is working out and it is fun to try out new things. I will have to work on both of their figures and different face views; profile, straight on, 3/4 etc.

One last thing for you loyal readers here is a little piece of something I have been working on.

for science

Is that Roamin in a turtle neck? What is in that tube? Is that Clippy? Why does he look mad? All these questions and more will remain to be unanswered! Sorry.



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