Star Wars Fan Art in Progress and a Face

Oh boy I have kind of neglected you haven’t I? Two weeks since a post, oops. I was hoping to have more for you today they I do but my computer decided that all the inking I did on the comic page I am about to show you wasn’t allowed to save. So you get it with the sketches instead.

So first here is the comic page.

Jedi Page This is just something I was thinking of at work, odd I know, but what I was actually thinking about was why don’t awesome jedi use slug pistols and alter the bullets path? Probably because they are peace keepers, or it would be hard to do but it still got my brain going. Then I combined that thought with the scene of Indiana Jones and the flailing sword guy and he shoots him in the head. Those two ideas combined make this. A rogue not quite jedi that is confronted by a sith, but has no problem with just Force jamming a bullet through his brain.

It still has a fair bit of work to go into it, especially now that I have to re-ink it. But it has been kind of fun.

Next up, a face.

Hatched Face

I was drawing a gargoyle from ’50 Things to Draw’ and I decided to play around with some hatching. So here is a gargoyle, or maybe even orc, face using hatching for the shading. I kind of like how it works and maybe I will do that for some black and white stuff. I used the parallel ruler tool to get the hatches nice and straight.



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