Day 30 – FINAL DAY – Draw an Inspiration

Ok so this is the last day. I was thinking of a way to end on a high note or something special etc. I found it.

One of my favorite artists is actually a very close friend of mine. He was astounding, he had such a visual memory it was amazing. He could draw details on a train engine from memory that conductors would probably forget to include. Some of his favorite stuff to draw was fantasy characters, I don’t know how many times he had drawn himself as a knight or just some kind of warrior.

When he passed away from a car accident, all of his family and friends crowded around his sketch books, they brought sketch books he had left or forgot at their homes, and we all looked through his drawing. Many were only half done but they were still great. He would always have multiple sketch books on the go, mostly because he would lose or forget them, and he was notorious for not completely finishing pictures. It was a fantastic way to remember him and look at things through his eyes.

So today thinking about what I have done these past 30 days with this challenge, and over these 106 posts I am constantly reminded of my friend that never dropped his pencil. So I couldn’t think of a better way to end this challenge than to sketch my friend, while he was sketching.


I am not going to talk much about this drawing other than this; I am very satisfied with how it turned out and it looks incomplete on purpose because that how so many of his drawings were left.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about him.


Update: This is different from the tone of all the rest of this post but it is an update as to what I am doing with this blog. I probably will not be posting anything else this week. I am going to lower the frequency of what I post to perhaps once or twice a week. With updating 5 days a week it was getting to the point of it feeling like an obligation rather than something I really wanted to do and it made it hard to complete more complex pictures or even want to start drawing them.

I will soon also rename this blog to something different so the title and address aren’t misleading. I will let you know if that happens so if you have a bookmark or anything you may change it to what ever is needed. Thank you to everyone who has been reading, the comments, likes and feedback.

I am not quitting.

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