Day 27 – Your Zodiac as a Warrior

I have had this one started for a little bit but I have a real hard time with horse bodies. I partially solved that by not doing the whole thing. So if you haven’t guessed my zodiac is Sagittarius or the horse, or archer or whatever you want to call it. I think it means I am supposed to be out going and a party animal but really it means I get a cool centaur as my totem animal thing while everyone else gets crabs and lions. Booyah.

So here is today’s drawing, he is still a work in progress but you need drawings and I need sleep so here you go.

Zodiac Warrior WIP

I think he will look better when he is finalized. I like his face, especially his nose. It looks almost animal ish but still human. I want to do more with the breast plate to make it less bland and I am fairly happy with his spear too. I am content with how he is coming along so far, I am just a little bummed he isn’t completed for today but oh well.



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