Day 24 – A Recent Accomplishment – 100th Post

Now this may not be a huge accomplishment but I am proud that I have stuck to this as long as I have. Today marks my 100th post, too it wasn’t day 30 as well. So to illustrate my 100th post I figured I would give it to Roamin.

100th Post

Boom! 100 posts! And here is to 100 more. I really like this drawing except his damn mouth. I couldn’t get it quite right so I just said forget it good enough. I used the rule tool again to make the sign. The more I use the rulers the more and more I really like them. They can help with a lot of different problems. The number 100 was all drawn using the ruler tools.

That’s all I got for now, I am probably still out of town at this point but I will be back in time to do something for tomorrow, I hope future me had a good time at the wedding.\



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