Day 21 – A Historical Figure Doing a Modern Job

I thought of a couple for this but I decided on Hitler as a department store Greeter. I thought this was fitting because personally I would never want to be a greeter. Standing there saying hello to every person, confronting the people that beep in the anti theft thingies, yeah that would be hell. So I figured that is something shitty and humiliating and Hitler deserves them both.

Here he is

Hitler GreeterThere is something off about his face but he is Hitler , he doesn’t deserve to look fantastic. I really like the pattern of his shirt I was looking for an outfit that said “I know how to put clothes on, but I don’t know how to dress myself” and that shirt with pleaded brown pants definitely says that. Oh yeah another reason I wanted to do him as a greeter is because his little salute just seems funny.

Or maybe this whole thing is a satirical way of saying that corporate America is just the new fascist on the block! Maybe?! No I am not trying to be political.



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