Crump Orc Monk Step by Step

If you didn’t catch him on Friday Crump was my choice of Hero for my 30 Day challenge. It is a drawing I have wanted to do for a while but hadn’t got around to it. I don’t have much new stuff for you today so I thought I would show you my progression of Crump and my current work on the colouring.

Step 1: Frame the Pose.

Step 1 Crump

First you want to frame out the pose. Try and get your proportions right from the start and just use basic shapes to try and get the torso and pelvis ready.

Step 2: Fill it out

Step 2 CrumpNow you start the muscle flow, shape of the head and direction they are facing. Try to keep in mind how the muscles will be flexing in the pose. You can see I trying to show the twist of the torso and the flex of the limbs.

Step 3: More Details

Step 3 CrumpThis is where I try to get the face figured out and a lot of the muscle flow and fore shortening. You can see how tiny I made the back hand versus the lower front fist.

Step 4: Accessorize!

Step 4 CrumpWhile you have your body form ready this is a good time to add on clothing. I do it in a different colour so I can see the difference clearly. I also added hair because it seemed appropriate. Later you will see that shoulder pad go away because I decided against it.

Step 5: Inking

Step 5 CrumpNow that you have all your details mostly laid out now is a good time to finalize them with inking. This gives it a good solid look. I set my lower layers to 50% transparency so I can see them for reference but not have them obscure my stokes.

Finished Concept CrumpAnd finally Work in progress colouring.

WIP CrumpIf there is interest I can try and explain what I am doing with the colouring as well. I am very amateur at it and am trying my best to learn new techniques. Right now I am trying out a way that I alter the type of layer it is (Multiply, soft light, hard light etc) and use grey scale to do the shading for the colouration. It is yielding decent results but I still need to work on a lot of stuff.

Tomorrow I will probably bring you challenge stuff again.



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