Day 19 – A Hero – Crump

Today I played around with anatomy again. This time I went for an action pose to work on body positioning, foreshortening again and general perspective of a character. This is a concept drawing of a friend’s DnD character Crump. He was Dirge’s partner in crime.

Concept CrumpHe is a half orc monk. There were other classes in there too but I can’t remember exactly. I left my inital sketch visible under the inking because it adds a little depth to the drawing. I had a hell of a time with both hands, I sometimes wish we had crab hands just so they were easier to draw. All and all I am satisfied with how this worked out. I feel like the position does not look too awkward. The drawing doesn’t look too flat and I think it some what captures Crump as a character.

That’s all for now I am stoked that the weekend is here soon.


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