Day 17 – A Robot of Any kind – Wall-E

With a topic that broad I really should have went somewhere more creative than today but I was feeling some what uninspired today.

Wall- EI wasn’t going to even ink this guy but then I started to really like how he was turning out so I wanted him to look more finalized but not coloured (yet). Today I used the ruler tools a lot and I really liked what I had happen. They are great it is like using a line tool in paint or any graphic program but you still draw the line and it has the life of a pen stoke in it still. I used that for almost all of the body and for some of the arms. I am fairly satisfied with how this turned out. The only thing I am a little upset with is the there is a bit of inconsistency with line thickness because of my pen strokes but I am not sure if someone else would really notice that.

Until next time



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