Day 16 – Another Idiom – Drink like a Fish

Are these idioms getting tiresome? If so let me know and I will move on to other stuff. Today I obviously have another one.

Today is Drink like a fish.

Drink Like a Fish


The rocks in the back ground kind of look cheesy but they are again just from a spray template from Manga studio. I think my favorite part about this doodle is how the beer colour and foam turned out.

I also decided it might be cool to give people call phone wall paper ready sizes of some of these doodles. So here is this one in iPhone 4 Size:

Drink Like a Fish - iPhone

And Galaxy s3 size.

Drink Like a Fish - S3

I am sure you could download these for any phone and just adjust the cropping but since those are probably two of the most popular I decided to do the work for you. Enjoy! If you have any requests for doodles that should be wallpapers or just want a custom doodle wallpaper drop a comment.



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