Day 13 – Old Person Doing Kung Fu

Ok back on to the challenge after a little detour. Today is drawing an old person doing Kung Fu, I also used it as an opportunity to practice some foreshortening.

Old Man Kung FuI have not coloured this guy yet I am trying to get ahead of myself again and as I have stated before the colouring is what takes me the longest.

If you don’t know what foreshortening is the easier way to describe it, in my opinion, is perspective for actions, or anatomy. It is when in comic books someone’s fist looks bigger than their head because it is supposed to look closer. Much like this old man’s foot is huge because it is what is closest in his sweet move. I like how this worked out, this is pretty much my first exercise in foreshortening so woo to that.

Also today I used the G-pen tool instead of my go-to of Turnip pen. I loved the change, it gave me the line taper that I was missing from ArtRage and I am disappointed I only found it now. I obviously need to explore more.

Anyone watch the finale of Dexter? I was kind of disappointed. Boo.



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