Original Digital Daughter of Eyrewood Sketch

So on Friday I posted my Daughter of Eyrewood sketch that I did while away from home visiting the lady friend and going to a wedding. I am just getting home now Sunday evening late and I was in a panic that I have no doodle for my loyal followers.

But I turned on my computer and I saw my original digital sketch of my Daughter of Eyrewood staring at me begging to be posted and compared to my pencil sketch.

So here is my original one I was working on.

Daughter Original

And of course here is my pencil sketch one.

daughterWhich one do you like better? I think I like the stance of the first one better than the pencil sketch. along with the knife and hands. I think I like the scarf/cowl/cloak better in the pencil sketch. Well let me know what you think I will probably try to colour and finish one of these.

I will probably go back to my regularly scheduled Drawing challenge tomorrow, unless something really cool pops in my head.



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