Day 11 – Super Villain – Carnage

Oh boy today was a tough one. Not that choosing a villain was difficult I just mean everything I was trying to draw was not working out for me. I am a little frustrated about that but I managed to create something that is at least postable.

CarnageThere is a mug shot of Carnage from Spiderman. He has always been one of my favorite villains along with Venom of course. I have a new found respect for his artist as well trying to get the black/red goo pattern just right is a bitch.

I think I really need to look at dealing with human anatomy and foreshortening. Maybe I will try to focus on that tomorrow. I also went to an art gallery that offers art classes to inquire about their classes. The old coot was very uninterested in talking to me about the classes, I tried to explain the things I have difficulty with and she decided walking away not talking to me was the best approach, so screw them classes. They mostly just teach landscapes anyway, if I want to do that I can go to my dad for free.

Anyway I am frustrated and need to go.



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