Day 10 – A World Monument Wreaking Havoc – Eiffel Tower

Today’s drawing I have been thinking about for a little while. Of course when I saw the challenge of “Monument Wreaking Havoc” I think everyone thinks Statue of Liberty! So I steered clear of that. My other idea was having the grand canyon coming to life as a mouth or a sarlacc but I decided Eiffel tower was the way to go.

So here is today’s drawing.

Eiffel Tower Monster

Alright so there it is, if you want a better look it is huge like all the other drawings I have been doing lately. I kind of went for a eye of sauron type thing going on in the middle. I tried to add a glowing effect to some of the edges of the tower as well as the top opening and the bottom.

I also tried out some cross hatching again instead of doing a lot of shading for the colouring and I kind of like how it worked out in areas. The back ground was kind of added as an after thought. I think it looks a little out of place but it doesn’t look terrible does it?

Well that’s it for today.



One thought on “Day 10 – A World Monument Wreaking Havoc – Eiffel Tower

  1. Wow! This was amazing and brilliantly thought out! The Grand Canyon Sarlacc was a cool idea, but you definitely went with the right one!

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