Day 6 – Inanimate object coming to life

See aren’t these more fun than “Favorite Food, Place, etc”? Well I think they are anyway. I originally had a really dirty idea for this one but I decided to keep it tame.

So what object is coming to life? An Alarm clock.

Day 6 Inanimate Object coming to lifeIt is a fairly basic drawing today. I was trying a couple different things with the inking this time. The lines look a little sloppy in some places because of it but I am just trying to get a better feel for how the tools react sometimes. I don’t really have much to say about this guy. He was fun to draw, I think I should have left his head standing erect instead of bending forward but other than that I don’t have much for you.

And don’t forget I am now offering Free Commissioned Drawings so get you submission in to me and I will get you a drawing of who ever you want.



PS – I am not sure if we want to call the back leg of the clock an oops-a-dick but if you do feel free.

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