Day 4 (But also day one) a Monster (Good)

Alright so what’s up with that title? Well… that 30 day challenge I was doing kind of sucked, not really bad but just bland. I found another one that sounds a lot more fun. Things like a President as an action hero, or an idiom visualized. It just seems more interesting, so I am jumping ship into this new 30 day challenge.

For simplicity’s sake I am going to stay with my original counting so this is day 4 and just pick up on this new challenge. There is the odd one that I think I may still do from the old 30 day challenge but for the most part it will be from this new one!

Sorry for being all over the place but here is your Good Monster.

Good Monster CompleteI was thinking Monsters Inc as soon as I saw today was drawing a good monster. I thought about just drawing Mike or Sully but decided I should do some of my own work. I still had that style of monster in mind when creating this guy. He is nothing spectacular but I enjoy him.

I  went back to ink and marker tools again this time one because it was quicker and two because I think it helps with the more cartoon style.

What do you think?




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