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Today we go back to that comic I was showing you bits of before. Today I have the first panel. You may remember it was my least favorite of them before but I have jazzed it up since then.

Here it is so far with the inking.

Fastfood PanelIt has a lot more going on with it now than it did before. I added all the jazz of a fast food drive thru and I am liking how it looks so far. Some of the perspective is giving me trouble but I am just making it really sloppy cartoony and call it “stylistic” I hope it doesn’t become a crutch for me.

Do you guys recognize that guy in the van? Hmm maybe you should look here if you don’t.



PS – 1000 points if you can see the “oops it kinda looks like a dick” in this drawing. Maybe that should be a thing. Each comic has an oopsie penis.

2 thoughts on “Back to Comic Progression

  1. Is it wrong that the first thing I noticed was the handle on the ice cream machine’s phallic qualities? Also I hope that’s the ‘Pede in the drive-thru. (Going around a few times to bring the times down? Haha)

  2. Well, it is just kind of sticking out there like, well a boner. I thought about redrawing the handle but I think it is funny so the dick handle stays! The Oops-a-dick. 1000 points for you!

    Yes that is the ‘Pede in the window, it is planned to be a meeting of the characters before their actual meeting.

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