Flashback! Storytime Part 1 – Why I liked to Draw

Alright so if you have read my About Me page you know I have been drawing for a long time but I stopped for a while, or at least at a lower frequency. So today I am going to tell you part of that story and also show you my drawings.

So as long as I can remember I have drawn. My Dad is a fantastic artist, though he never really pursued it professionally. He can sketch and paint and he is handy with other stuff too, such as wood working. He is kind of a jack of all trades. Also he is partially deaf.

So that being said about my Dad naturally he really wanted his kids to draw too, and we did, a lot. My sister is also great at drawing and she paints too. I never really caught on to the painting, until recently with digital painting but even then I am not that great. So our Dad would help us draw and teach us and even tried to teach me to paint a little but it didn’t really sink in. But it was all a fantastic way to create things, explore art, learn from a near master, and connect with my Dad since sometimes it can be difficult to communicate since he is partially deaf.

So here today I am going to show you two drawings from a sketch book of mine when I was around 8 years old.

20130811_195527 20130811_195504Now to note about these drawings, I am not sure if the top one is a tracing. I don’t want to beat myself up but that really looks a little too spot on for it not to be, but on the other hand that is thick paper and does not trace well. So I will leave it up to you to try and decide if that is my freehand skill or tracing. Simba on the other hand I know that is freehand.

Tomorrow I will tell you more of my story.


~Roamin’ Camping


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