Original Demkipede Drawing

Ok I changed my mind about not giving you any updates, but these are not new drawings.

First up today is the original Demkipede drawing by my friend that passed away.


He did the original sketch at a Boston Pizza restaurant while we were hanging out. When he passed away we all thought this drawing was very memorable, so we made copies of it and passed it out to a lot of our friends. Some of us, including me, have it framed with a picture of him beside it.

This year for Demkius’ birthday some of us decided to have a surprise party for him and we wanted to make a cake. A couple of us said we should get the demkipede put onto the cake but it wouldn’t show up great black and white so I took it on my iPad defined the lines and airbrushed all the colour in so we could put it on a cake.

The cake turned out fantastic and we had a great time. That’s the end of that story.



PS – I am camping and past Roamin is hoping present Roamin is having fantastic weather.

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