Classroom Panel

More from the comic!

Alright so now the second panel is, for the most part, completed.

ClassroomAgain the background isn’t my forte but I am working on it. This panel is in a first person view of Roamin’ in class. We see our lovable but ancient accounting teacher has appeared again but now with a full chalk board. It is kind of cool that manga studio has a chalk tool so when I made the writing on there I was sure to use it. I may add more to this yet when it is finalized. Like maybe desk carvings, more note book doodles, and lighting on the background wall. But for now I am satisfied with it. I was worried the perspective on the desk was going to be way worse than it is so that is a bonus.

I am getting used to Manga Studio a lot more. If you haven’t already figured it out, this has all been done with that program. I think I still need to go into the tools’ settings more and really see what it is all about but damn, they are scary sometimes. Lots and lots of things to alter. But one day I will venture into the depths of the tool settings and emerge a better digital doodler!




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