HootStreet Gang – Joey

I feel like a boy band or rap group always just needs someone named simple and ordinary like Joey or Nick or Justin etc. So that is why that is this guy’s name.

IMG_0017He is a little bit of a playboy, heartthrob, thug. The things I like about this doodle is the bandanna and the hoodie a bit. The colouring was kind of fun to do when I did it as well. I have lost my Adonit Jot stylus for my iPad so I haven’t drawn on it in a while. If you have an iPad I highly recommend it. If you have an iPad 3 or greater they have a pressure sensitive stylus that has palm rejection built into it too. It sounds awesome and if that was the kind of iPad I had I probably would not have brought my Bamboo tablet and got that stylus instead.

Well there is one more member of the HootStreet Gang that I will show you in another post. I am thinking of maybe redrawing these guys in something else. But I have a lot of projects on the go so maybe I should put that on the shelf for now.




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