Practice Exercises in Manga Studio

I am still trying to get used to Manga Studio and I had a good idea; I took the sketches of my practice exercises from earlier and ink and coloured them in Manga Studio.

Practice Facial Features ColouredFor the most part I really like hot these have turned out. I think the ears look good as well as the witch/goblin thing. I don’t really like how the inking on the warts worked on all of them. The lips on the forward facing face aren’t perfect but the rest looks pretty good. The weird pointed nose person for whatever reason reminded me of the weird yellow guy from Sin City so that is the thought behind that colouring. Also it was fun to try out different coloured skin and those tones.

So it is a simple short post today but I am feeling a lot more comfortable in Manga Studio and I am slowly but surely adapting to it.




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