Exterminate! Exterminate! – Dalek Sketch

Incoming , another Doctor Who sketch. Today I bring you a Dalek, quite possibly the Doctor’s most fearsome enemy. The Daleks are genocidal machines bent on exterminating all life in the universe. Which comes as a surprise when you see how ridiculous they kind of look.

Dalek SketchYup that is the most fearsome thing that was locked in a war with all the time lords. You may think, is that a plunger on the left side of that thing? And you wouldn’t be wrong to ask really. In early versions of Doctor who it probably was a toilet ¬†plunger.

Off the top of my head I can’t really remember why the Daleks and time lords were fighting, if it is even revealed at all, but they do and they are locked in this time war for eternity. There are moments where the Doctor has to make a choice of letting these beasts bent on destruction live or to completely obliterate them, but then he is no better than the Daleks right? This is the kind of shit that gets me going for some Doctor Who. It is good old fashion hard sci-fi. It asks messed up questions, it makes you think and it does it well.

Doctor Who is one of the few shows I can think of where the hero doesn’t resort to violence. He actually denounces it in some episodes and flips off the handle when we ignorant humans turn to our aggressive nature. One of my favorite moments from the show is the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) is standing on top of a building broadcasting a message to all these aliens coming down to earth to destroy it and his message listed off all his accomplishments good and bad. How he had wiped out planets and conquered over all odds. Just this fury and anger that is hidden beneath his generous caring exterior. “I am the Doctor, and this planet is under my protection!” Then they all decided, hm maybe we should not force this guy’s hand and all the baddies left.

The Doctor has all this power to just do whatever he pleases for himself but he doesn’t. He fixes things, heals people, mends planets, unites galaxies, and reminds us that no one is perfect. Not even him. And that is why we call him the Doctor.


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