Sketch of a Cyberman

I have just finished watching season 7 of Doctor Who, so naturally that is on my mind. The next couple days will probably be Doctor Who themed sketches. Today I bring you the Cybermen!

Cyberman SketchI am going to say he is looking inquisitive and the drawing isn’t actually lopsided but that is a lie. I don’t know what I did but damn did I make him lopsided, maybe I am still drunk. With this drawing I was playing around with the pencil tools, trying some cross hatching and shading with the different pencils that they have. I don’t know if it will ever feel as right as actually using a pencil or getting the same effects but it is neat to play with.

The Cybermen were my first sketch one because they were in an episode I just watched and two because they are one of my favorite Doctor Who villains. They are the absolute worst outcome of our dependence on technology that eventually just turned us into emotionless demon robots hellbent on “upgrading” humanity into an empty steel shell.

I love me some Doctor Who and each sketch I will tell you a little about why that is.



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