McDemkey’s All Purpose Pantyhose WIP

Here is a request that is also a work in progress. While camping on the weekend my friend’s were talking about old stories and there is an old inside joke behind pantyhose where Demkius told two other friends that pantyhose could be used in place of a bike chain for a robot. Surprise surprise, it can’t. My two other friends, taking Demkius on his word, tried to use pantyhose instead of a bike chain in this robot they were building only to have the pantyhose instantly turn into dust and broken dreams. So my friends requested a doodle that could maybe be put onto a shirt advertising these all purpose pantyhose.

Here is my concept sketch just laying out my page and space.

Sketch Demkey Pantyhose

So there is the concept layout. I am trying to think of how to do the font. If it should be rugged and manly or script and feminine or even both.

Also here is my first draft of McDemkey with his corncob pipe.

McDemkey First draftI say first draft because there are things I am not completely content on such as; the eyes and mouth. There is still potential for me to totally scrap this draft and go at it again but we will see how it pans out.

What do you think so far? Any ideas on how the font should be done? What do you use pantyhose for?



One thought on “McDemkey’s All Purpose Pantyhose WIP

  1. I really wish I could remember exactly what was running through my mind when I told them that, I’d like to think that maybe I was just messing with them for some reason or other but I honestly don’t remember the conversation at all. I do vaguely recall having read a book where someone used a pair of pantyhose as an emergency replacement for a fan belt or something in a car, maybe that had something to do with it. But however it came to be we all learned a valuable lesson that day – just because someone is generally recognized as smart doesn’t mean they can’t also occasionally be full of shit, in some cases more often that occasionally.

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