One Month and One Project Reveal

To celebrate one month of blogging and only one late post I am revealing something I am working on.

Alright so I had a few posts here, here, here, here and finally here that were leading up to something. Well what they were leading up to was this doodle I give you today. Each piece that I did before was a piece of this larger image. It is my first image of this size (if you tried to print it out I am not even sure how big it would be) and I am rather proud of it.

So I will make you wait no further, here she is…

Title image for Account for the Undead

Accounting for the Undead

Like I said it is a big image give it a click to really get a good look at it. Things I may improve on later is the font for “Accounting for the” ArtRage doesn’t have many options I have found for that kind of thing so I just used a smoothing pen. Also I may redo the highlights on the Undead graphic font. That font is the first graphic art style stuff I have done and I am happy it turned out that well.

So this is the big reveal? This is it? Well…. No, hopefully not. This is (hopefully) going to be the title image for a weekly webcomic I want to start. What is Accounting for the Undead? Back when I first started working in an office environment me and a friend would talk about how doing taxes and similar work made you feel like a zombie. The repetitive low brain function office work would slowly eat your soul and turn you into a zombie, it is kind of how we got through the day. We were going to try to get it into a written form one way or another and this may be it.

This is all very beginning development stuff but I am thinking of having it be fairly open. some of it will be office humour some will be video games and other stuff will just be whatever is going on with me. the two main characters, who will eventually be officially named, are in this image. For now they will stay as Roamin’ and Demkius. Roamin’ is an accounting clerk within this midsize organization and Demkius is an IT Coordinator for the same company. How they meet and become friends will probably unfold in the first few strips. They are both on a quest to survive the day to day monotony of work and often will have exaggerated day dreams and antics will ensue.

Now this is all a very lite teaser. I do not expect this web comic to be up very soon, this was just the very first thing I was working up with. I will be trying to build up a few strips and story arcs before I launch this comic. It will be on WordPress and I already have the name reserved and I will keep you posted on the progress.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this drawing and are at least intrigued by my teaser.

Let me know what you think in the comments, thoughts on this information and possibly what you would like to see.


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