Zoooommmmmbieee…!! (Sorry I had to)

Well that’s not entirely true I did not have to do this drawing but I did and I must say I really like how it turned out. Sorry if you liked the step by step stuff, this one is just another completed drawing. When I am creating original stuff my process isn’t ironed out like when I am following an instructional book.

Well you know what? I will show you.

How do you like the gallery instead of the images just slapped in here? Fancy eh?

Ok now why I was hesitant to show you my process is because I don’t stop and make steps like an instructional drawing as you can see. I jump from rough sketch, to outline, then colour it and each one those steps has sub-steps but I don’t have separate layers for them so if I don’t plan on showing someone those steps they are lost in the scribbles.

Alright now lets actually talk about this drawing. Again I used the marker and ink tools instead of the paint. I am really growing fond of these instead of the paint because they are smoother, and more predictable. When it comes to cartooning like this I think I will stick to the markers and ink. I don’t know if I can say there is really anything I don’t like about this drawing. The colouring looks good to me. I like the hands which is surprising. I guess I am not the biggest fan of the shoes, but I have trouble deciding what kind of shoes someone would wear. Is that an odd thing to have trouble with?

Oh and I have something exciting to talk about! Well exciting for me… So before I talked about how it takes me a lot of time to colour a drawing. Well today I had an ingenious idea, that plenty of other people had before me. I took my outline layer, duplicated it and used the fill tool to make the whole thing a solid colour. Well like this..

Zombie Stencil

I then exported this shadow as a stencil. So then after when I was done colouring and some of the colour ran over the edges I just turned on this stencil to protect my drawing and used a giant eraser to clean up all the extra colour that ran over the edges. Cleaning up the edges with just my eraser tool and trying not to mess up my outline or colouring would almost double the time it took for me to colour a drawing. So now I am hoping I can spit stuff out faster now that I know this. Also in retrospect I could have had the stencil inverted and just left it on permanently while I was colouring, then the colour wouldn’t have run over the outline ever, saving me the time it took to erase it. One step at a time eh?

Well let me know what you think about this drawing. Is there something you don’t like about it? (besides that zombies are over done) Does this drawing actually suck but I am looking at it through rose coloured glasses?

EDIT: Also on the topic of zombies this is pretty spot on for what I think of the shit storm* that was World War Z.

*Shit storm – Noun 1 – A flurry of fecal matter; 2 – Disaster, or catastrophe often offensive 3 – Vulgar reference to a terrible movie that disregards its original source (eg: World War Z)

Thanks for reading,


PS – I liked zombies before they were cool. Horror movie hipster right here.

2 thoughts on “Zoooommmmmbieee…!! (Sorry I had to)

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