Double Post?! You voted for Chocobo!

Alright so I am sure you guys didn’t find that Photocopier to be the most exciting drawing so I am offering you something that I feel I promised. A Chocobo!

In an earlier post I did a quick little sketch of a Chocobo and put a poll at the end of that post asking if I should finish the sketch or not. The vote was unanimous and there was an outcry for this drawing to be finished. 100% of you voted for “Yes! Make that chocobo!” (The whole truth: There was one vote sooo.. that is all true but context is everything)

So here is the Chocobo. Not completely finished but here is an outline.

OutlineI am not exactly thrilled with this drawing and that is part of the reason I haven’t committed to colouring it yet. I think the frame may have been a little off and now the whole drawing is suffering for it. But here it is for now and I hope to bring a better one to you in the future.

Thanks for reading and I hope today was not too boring. Also if you are new to my blog check out the gallery for a quick way to see all of my doodles so far.




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