Practice Excercises

Ok beware this one isn’t the most fun. These are just a couple exercises I did to iron out some stuff I am having trouble with. First I just did a bunch of facial features.

Practice Facial Features

I had some fun playing around with these. The one mouth/chin looks like it belongs to the single eye in the left corner and looks like a cyclops. The other eye looks like it belongs to the pointed nose person and looks weird. Then when I was doing the yelling mouth (bottom left) I just decided to sketch out a witch or goblin, you can pick what it is. I had a little trouble with the mouths and the ears but I think for the most part they all worked out and look (mostly) human or humanoid at least.

I also tried out some cross hatching in the ear if you can see that. If you don’t know what cross hatching is, it is this. I think it turned out very effective for the ears. Probably my best ears yet.

After I finished that I did some more work and I tried to conquer my kryponite, hands. The first picture shows you three hands and the three stages they went through. Blue is step one, red is two and black is the final inking.

Hand Practice

Here is the hands with just the outlines.Hand Practice 2

I like the first hand I think that turned out the best. The other two feel a little awkward and show that I still need to work on hands.

To reward you for making it this far in this post I have a super fast sketch for you. It was going to be a dinosaur, but then turned into a bird, or maybe a Chocobo I find it kind of funny that the drawing turned from a dinosaur into a bird, it is like evolution in art.


Did any of you play Final Fantasy? My favourite one was FF7 even though the graphics were so pointy they could put your eye out. I wish they would remaster and release it again, thanks to next gen systems I can’t go back to games like that.

Do you like my Bird/Chocobo? Do you want me to finish the Bird/Chocobo? Answer here.



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