You’re my last one, Bulbasaur

Alright this is the last pokemon for a while, Charmander really frustrated me which is good and bad but I am done with these animal fighters for a bit.

I went about this drawing a bit different than the others and maybe that is why I like it a lot more, or I just got a good experience out of the other two. At any rate, what I did with this is I just opened a window of google image search of Bulbasaur and instead of using one reference image to try to replicate it, I just made my own Bulbasaur and referenced the images for physical characteristics.

Again I am not showing you all my steps but I will give you some insight. This is my sketch that I used to form out what I wanted in my drawing.

Bulbasaur sketchSquirtle is obviously a turtle, Charmander is some sort of lizard, but with Bulbsaur I wasn’t really sure (and I didn’t bother to google it). When I look at him I think bulldog or some sort of stocky dog anyway, so that’s kind of the body shape I was using a bit. Also you may notice I am sketching in greens.

Next here it is coloured and with an outline.

Bulbasaur with outlineSo this time instead of using black as my outline colour I used greens. I feel it is a little more subtle this way while still giving it strong form. I probably could have put an accent outline on the top of his snout but I am just noticing that now and I don’t want to change it. I find this drawing significantly better than the Charmander or even Squirtle. Progress? Maybe.

Lastly my painted Bulbsaur.

BulbasaurPretty close to how the outlined one looks but softer. One thing that worked out well was I painted the mouth on a separate layer on top of the colouring. Then I put that layer behind the colouring so the green was completely covering it. Then to make the mouth I just erased the shape of the open mouth and I enjoy the out come.

Ok now I am done doodling Pokemon for a while, sorry for the trip down memory lane if you did not enjoy these doodles. Which one was your favorite? Any requests for when I want to tackle these Pocket monsters again?

This weekend I am going to Demkius‘ sea side lair to have our annual jamboree with a bunch of friends, I may need to do a mobile post with a sketch book doodle if I don’t get time to prepare something before hand. But I hope to have a post regardless.



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