Charmander, you’re up next

Yesterday was Squirtle and today is Charmander. You can probably guess what I am thinking of drawing tomorrow, unless you have never played Pokemon or lived in the ’90s.

This one I had way more trouble with than I really should have. I had a Charmander with a giant head. Then his body was out of proportion. Don’t get me started on his shitty little hands/arms. This drawing was being difficult and I was pressed for time. I am hoping next week I will be able to get ahead of myself again so I don’t worry about whether or not I have a post tomorrow and have to rush a drawing like this again.

So all this talk about rushing the drawing, let’s see it right?

Ok first finished with the outline


Again kind of like our water type friend, this isn’t a terrible drawing of Charmander but it does kind of feel like a amateur fan art (which I guess it is) but I am not impressed with that.

Here is oil painted Charmander.

Charmander Painted

Again I kind of like this version more than the one with the outline. Maybe it is because the paint tools are less precise or I am less precise with them so I can still feel good about little things gone wrong.

The things I am happy with this doodle are the face for the most part, the legs and lower body shading, and finally the fire on the tail turned out cool. It blended really nice and I enjoy it. Things I dislike is some of the line thickness is not consistent and it bugs me, tail shading could have been better.

Alright so there you have it. I didn’t give you the steps or other sketches this time because I had to abandon my reference drawing and all my sketches with it because it was turning out like crap. Maybe one more Pokemon and then I may do a couple doodles in my sketch book again.

Oh one more thing! Who was your starter Pokemon?



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