Pokemon! Or more accurately Squirtle!

I was looking through my 50 Things to Draw and I saw my next exercise was a turtle. Then I started thinking about Squirtle and Pokemon and that is what I decided to draw today. I am going to show you the steps but I won’t explain it in detail like I did with the Dachshund.

Step one: Frame, a whole lot of circles.

Squirtle1And two sketch some detail and form it out.

Squirtle2Three finalize that detail and lets make it a Squirtle. You can see in this step I corrected the abdomen pattern because it was not working out for me in the last sketch.

Squirtle3and finished. One of these days I might actually show you some steps on how I do the colouring if I can think of an effective way.

SquirtleSo there you have it, a wild Squirtle has appeared! This one I am satisfied with how it turned out but to me something just seems a little off about it. I may be a little too critical of myself but this drawing looks a little too amateur to me, I feel I should be able to do a little more. It might be still getting used to using a drawing tablet or I am obviously still learning in general. Not a terrible Squirtle but not the best.

I did check out the colouring on it and it was prime to be made into a painting.

Painted SquirtleI think I almost enjoy the painting version more than my drawing. The lighting and the colours work well. Removing the outline kind of makes the whole thing feel a little more natural. You could almost say it is super effective!

If you haven’t guessed I am a huge geek and I have an almost annual urge to play the shit out of the newest Pokemon game. I don’t know what it is, if it is the mixture of OCD collecting and RPG elements that just drags me in like crack addict but damn do I need my fix when it comes. On the same topic Pokemon X and Y are coming out for 3DS and I will be there injecting 150 new Pokemon into my life. I am also stoked that it will be the first true Pokemon game to be done in 3D instead of top down view and with Pokemon Stadium style battle effects. Stooooked.



PS – Bonus Pic – I am still working on making my cartoon self portrait as satisfying in ArtRage as I had them on paper, but here is my latest attempt. I don’t know why this is the feature image for this post, I tried to change it because it is bugging me, but no luck.


2 thoughts on “Pokemon! Or more accurately Squirtle!

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