Dachshund Step by Step

Woo! Ten posts.

This is a little different from my other posts. I usually talk about my methods, what I have done, learned, messed up but this time I am going to show you my whole process step by step and see my newest drawing start to finish.

Today is another 50 Things to Draw and as the title gave away it is a dachshund. Alright so step one I usually follow along with the book and sketch out the shapes of the drawing lightly. In my sketch book I use a 4H pencil or in Art Rage (Which I used again today) I use the pencil tool in a light blue colour.

Step One DachshundYou’re going to hate me saying this again and again but shapes, shapes, shapes has been a big part of what I am learning and trying to focus on. You can see this drawing can be broken down into mostly circles and a square. Everyone knows how to draw these shapes so when you realize what shapes a drawing can be broken down into, the frame work of the drawing becomes a lot easier.

Ok on to step two. When I am using Art Rage I create a new layer on top of my “frame”. Then I start to flesh out the shape more and add minor details like shape of the paws, nose, add in the floppy ear, tail and I do this all with a red pencil so I can see what is new sketch and what is the frame.

Dachshund 2Now from here I start to sketch in all the details. Fur patterns, mouth, more details in eye and paws. In this next step you can see I am having trouble with the paws (they are like tiny hands, and I hate hands) Spoiler alert I don’t really get around to fixing the paws.

Dachshund 3Much like the step before this one I used a pencil tool over top of the red sketch and I deleted the blue frame because I don’t need it anymore. You may notice that the lines around the eye were just there as reference for the flow of the fur pattern and to help establish the depth of the eye. Alright on to the next step, inking.

Again I added another layer on top of the drawing and I delete the oldest one (the red sketch) and draw over top of the newest layer. Because the pencil was black and my inking is black what I do is set the sketch layer to 50% transparent so I can still see what are new lines and old lines so I don’t miss anything. For inking I used the pen tool and the preset on Art rage that is called “smoothed and rounded” this setting can be awesome and frustrating at the same time because it warps your lines to make them round and smooth so it takes some getting used to. If you try to draw something like a V or a sharp curve this setting will round your line and give your more of a U or a shallow curve. So this setting is great for things like the soft curves lie the mouth, ear, head back. I had to use a different setting for the paws, tail, eye and all the fur pattern. You can see I was trying to get a feeling for the pen’s setting on the left of the drawing with those scribbles.

Dachshund 4I pretty much trace my detailed sketch and ink it with the pen tool. You will see things like the line across the mid section and lines on the ear now changes into fur pattern. I could have stopped here and just left the colour up to your imagination but I want to learn more about the painting aspect in Art Rage. I am not going to show you the steps of me colouring this because it would not be very interesting or instructional. I would need to do a video to show you what exactly I was doing. But here it is all done and completed. Give it a click and look at this pup up close, the colours are dark so the inking isn’t as visible in the thumbnail.

Dachshund FinishedHope this was interesting I am having a lot of fun playing around with Art Rage and trying out new things.


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