More Art Rage

First, you may have noticed the lay out of my blog has switched a couple times and I am sorry if this is annoying, but I am trying to find what I am really want this blog to look like at first glance.The last layout I liked that it had all the posts in blocks on the home page but it took out all my side bar widgets and I just wanted a summary of each post not the whole thing.

Today I have another drawing from “50 Things to Draw” it is a Cockatiel.

Much like the seahorse yesterday this is done in Art Rage. I started with just drawing it and then I went the next step and coloured it as well. I was hoping that this one would turn out like the seahorse and be cool with and without the pen outline but that was not the case with this one. Here is the drawing (I’m not going to show you it without the outline this time because it was embarrassingly hideous)

CockatielI am happy with how it turned out. I had not drawn a bird in quite sometime and it proved itself challenging. I kept getting the body proportions terribly wrong and it was some sort of tiny headed mutant bird. I think in the end it turned out alright. The outline is kind of sloppy part of that is because I was constantly sketching to try and get the body right and then I just erased the marks that I didn’t like.

I said I would talk about Art Rage a bit so here it goes. It is a good program but it really seems to be focused on painting. I really haven’t played around with it as much as maybe I should have so far but pen tool seems lacking at some points for creating nice smooth lines and I still haven’t figured out how to get rid of the pixelation of the lines. Maybe if I upgrade to Art Rage 4 Pro that would change but I am thinking something like photoshop might be more up my alley. But from what I have seen and heard the painting tools on Art Rage are hard to beat and I believe it. The brush strokes, blending and the natural reaction of the paint is very cool, effective and fun. It is a lot of the fun of painting but if you mess up your don’t need to clean/get a new canvas.

This is kind of a short post today but no need to ramble on if I don’t have much more to say. Let me know what you think of these recent paintings or if there is something you want me to try out.



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