Starting out…

Alright, it has been a long time since I have done something like this. I can hardly think of 140 characters for a tweet and now I am trying to tackle a blog!? Well hold on to your butts because I am hoping to bring daily doodles to all who come here.

The purpose of this blog is for me to get motivated about drawing again. I have a few ideas stewing in my head but I am constantly getting frustrated because I let my skills deteriorate over time through laziness and discouragement.

What’s my format? Well have you seen all those photography blogs of “Photo 365” or something? No? Well okay. Basically they just post a photo they took with their camera everyday, they probably do something fancy with it but I don’t have a clue, I don’t use fancy soul trappers. I am getting off topic, so I am taking that idea of posting a photo everyday and changing it to posting a drawing every day. Some of them will be doodles, some may be fancy, some might be outright terrible and people can tell me what I did wrong. Some of them might be sketches of ideas that you post in the comment section.

Alright so we have established I am terrible at introduction posts for blogs, I have stated what this is going to be all about, I think the last thing left is to post a daily doodle.Dirge 1 May 31,2013This drawing I both hate and enjoy at the same time. This is a classic example of putting too much into a sketch when in the end it won’t work out anyway. You become too invested in it and it just has to work! Ultimately it becomes forced and unnatural. This was my first attempt at an old DnD character Dirge Morgenstern.

What I like about this sketch is the hair, some of the shading, most of the facial features on the front view and the ear on the profile view. What do I hate? Oh ya know most everything else but mostly the ears on the front view, the lopsided eyes on that one as well. In the profile view his face looks flat. I don’t like that I never noticed that the hair line does not match up on both views and I don’t like that my scanner just broke and I had to “scan” this with my phone’s camera.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I hope to bring much more interesting stuff in the future. Feel free to comment and/or leave ideas for things to draw for when I don’t have something planned.

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